Bridging Generations

Ancestors and descendents of Joyce Verla Pratt and Mark Richard Berrett

How did they ever get together?

Pop and Gram  - 1940s?

Pop and Gram – 1940s?

To say Gram and Pop were an unlikely match wouldn’t begin to describe their differences.

As my mother wrote in her own history:
“Mother (Gram) was so naive that she had no idea when people were drinking alcohol  She has told me about my Dad telling her that she was going to get some ‘apricot brandy.’  She begged to go with him.  He kept telling her she did not want to go, but she kept insisting.  She had no idea that brandy was an alcoholic drink.  I have often wondered if she had not been so ignorant about this kind of thing, if she would have married my father.  I suspect that she had no idea of the kind of lifestyle Dad actually lived, or she might have hesitated a long time before she married him.  I have particularly wondered why Dad was interested in marrying a girl who was so unsophisticated in her way of life and who did not participate in the things he did.  It seems strange to me that he would have pursued her and talked her into marriage, and yet Mother always told me that he kept trying to talk her into marriage.

“Mother had an interest in a young [LDS] missionary serving in Michigan.  He carried her picture all over the mission and said she was the girl he was going to marry.  However, he returned to Utah after his mission, and Mother never heard from him again.  It was after this event that she began to consider marrying Dad.”

Pop tells that Gram’s father was not very happy about him going to visit Gram, and he made no secret of that.  Pop referred to Grandpa Roberts as “just an old fogey” who didn’t believe in motorcycles – which Pop loved to ride. But, as mentioned in a previous post, Gram had the responsibility of running the family home after her mother passed away.  After struggling for almost a year, and receiving no help from her older brothers and sisters, she agreed to marry Pop.

However, in spite of some very obvious differences in lifestyle and personality, Frank and Madalene were married for 48 years before Gram’s death in 1975.  Their story of courtship and marriage will follow.


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