Bridging Generations

Ancestors and descendents of Joyce Verla Pratt and Mark Richard Berrett

Young love – 1900’s style

Hattie and Tom Berrett 7 May 1902

Hattie and Tom Berrett
7 May 1902

Hattie was 18 years old and Tom was 20 when they were married on 7 May 1902 in the LDS temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They didn’t travel any distance away for a honeymoon, but quietly settled into the important business of homemaking and farming on part of his father’s farm.

Tom had a great knowledge of soil preparation, cultivation and irrigation and used that knowledge and experience to ensure an abundant harvest.   In addition to his farming, during the grain harvest he worked with a crew on the threshing machine.  Because his crew did grain harvest throughout the area, at times it was necessary for Tom to be away from home for a week at a time.  When the harvest required Tom to be gone, Harriet handled all the chores, milked their cows, fed the pigs and looked after the chickens, in addition to keeping up with their garden.

I suppose that during those weeks when Tom was traveling, the days must have seemed long and tedious to the young bride.  Harriet’s brother recorded that when the threshing crew was working in North Ogden, Harriet liked to watch the crew move through the fields around her home. I can picture her watching from a respectable distance, careful to not be in the way, but anxious and excited to see her new husband working so competently alongside older men.  And I love to imagine her giggling and flirting, just a little bit, if he happened to glance her way.

Young love crosses all generations!






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One thought on “Young love – 1900’s style

  1. Judy Berrett on said:

    Hello! I’m a Berrett, too. We’re second cousins–your grandfather Tom was my grandfather’s brother. My grandfather was Walter Herbert Berrett, and my father was John Richard “Jack” Berrett. (Lots of Richards in the family, including my brother!) I’ve been doing family research for about 3 years and find it fascinating. Would love to hear from you. What fun to find your website!
    Judy Berrett

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