Bridging Generations

Ancestors and descendents of Joyce Verla Pratt and Mark Richard Berrett

What happened in 1882?

Historical events for the year 1882:

Jan 17th – 1st Dutch female physician Aletta Jacobs opens office

Feb 3rd – Circus owner PT Barnum buys his world famous elephant Jumbo

Mar 9th – False teeth patented

Mar 22nd – Edmunds Act adopted by the US to suppress polygamy, 1300 men later imprisoned under the act

Mar 25th – 1st demonstration of pancake making (Dept store in New York City)

Apr 3rd – Wood block alarm invented; when alarm rang, it dropped 20 wood blocks

Apr 13thThomas Francis Berrett is born in Salt Lake City, Utah

May 6th – Chinese Exclusion Act: US Congress ceases Chinese immigration

Jun 5th – Storm & floods hits Bombay; about 100,000 die

Jun 6th – Electric iron patented by Henry W Seely, New York City

Jun 16th – 17″ hailstones weighing 1.75 lbs fall in Dubuque Iowa

Jul 4th – Telegraph Hill Observatory opens in San Francisco

Aug 3rd – Congress passes 1st law restricting immigration

Aug 7th – Hatfields of south West Virginia & McCoys of east Kentucky feud, 100 wounded or die

Sep 4th – 1st district lit by electricity (New York’s Pearl Street Station)

Oct 6th – 1st World Series game, Cincinnati (AA) beats Chicago (NL) 4-0

Nov 15th – British HMS Flirt destroys village of Asaba Niger

Dec 22nd – 1st string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison

Thomas Francis Berrett circa 1952

Thomas Francis Berrett
circa 1952

Happy 132th Birthday,

Grandpa Berrett!



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