Bridging Generations

Ancestors and descendents of Joyce Verla Pratt and Mark Richard Berrett

Memories of Father

Tom and Harriet Berrett had eight children, seven of whom lived to adulthood.  Some years ago Aunt Myrtle compiled memories of their father from all of the children.

Don – My Father, Thomas F. Berrett was not a big man.  I think the most he ever weighed was 160 pounds.  But he was really wiry, had lots of endurance and was real fast with his hands.  He was real versatile; he could do about anything, from shoeing horses to cutting hair.

Don – As a boy I can remember a lot of children in the neighborhood would come for a haircut, and he also cut hair for many grownups.  Dad was real fussy and seemed to have the knack.  He tried to show me how, and as I got older I did some hair cutting myself.  When I went on a mission I took barber tools with me, and I used them a lot.

Tom Berrett's tomato fields

Tom Berrett’s tomato fields

Don, Grant, Maurice, Mark – Father used to have a real good hot bed and raised his own tomato plants.  He was known throughout the town and the county for his good tomatoes, fruit, and carrots and parsnips.  The family, as well as the workers at harvest, had no doubt about Dad’s policy and practice when he was selling produce.  The product had to be good quality or he would not sell it, and the measure had to be liberal.  We had a lot of people come to the place to buy tomatoes and fruit.  Dad told us to always make sure the basket or box was full and well rounded and be certain that there was no bad produce in the container.

Old North Ogden Church torn down in the 1960s

Old North Ogden Church
torn down in the 1960s

Don & Norma – Dad promised to help in building an annex on the old church.  Every morning Don would take the horse “Sus” up to the church and ride her all day pulling brick and mortar from the ground up to the bricklayers.  This was a big building, so the work went on for some time.  Father was always willing to do his part and more on projects for the Church.  He was not outgoing and forward, but there was always a place where he could help in the background.  He always tried to help support the Church in every way possible.  For years he was on the ward finance committee, because of his good judgment.  A short time before he passed away, he walked through the field to the Bishop’s office to settle his tithing.

Myrtle – In spite of his limited schooling, he was good at Arithmetic.  He could look at my Arithmetic problems and give me the answer, but oft times he could not work them according to the way we were learning in school.


What will your children remember about you?


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