Bridging Generations

Ancestors and descendents of Joyce Verla Pratt and Mark Richard Berrett

. . . a good provider and a good neighbor

thomas francis berrett

Thomas Francis Berrett about 1920

Just as I posted about Grandma Berrett on her birthday a couple days ago, in honor of Grandpa Berrett’s 134th birthday I’m sharing an excerpt from his history.  I don’t know who wrote the history, but I’m assuming it was a family member.

“Tom was very particular in doing things on his farm or in his orchard exactly when they needed to be done.  He carefully studied the condition and needs of things and he had the reputation of knowing when, and how, the different things on the farm, or in the orchard, needed taking care of in order to obtain the best results.  His judgment and opinion concerning these things and matters pertaining to agriculture was very highly respected in the community.  He was not afraid of working long hours – that is from daylight until dark or after – during the planting, the irrigating or harvesting seasons, and he did it;  his accumulated wisdom taught him that it was necessary.  From his good management and hard work, together with the assistance of his wife and children, he obtained a nice home and comfortable living for his family.  He was a good firm disciplinarian and taught all of his children to mind without dilly-dallying.  He was a good provider and a good neighbor.”

It sounds like Tom and Hattie were perfectly suited to each other!  And I can also see that my dad inherited many of his good qualities from his parents.



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