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Never too old for birthday cake

While I’m working on a real post and trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging, enjoy these pictures of a couple of Pop’s birthday celebrations.

Born on April 18, 1907, he would be 109 years old today.

19770403 Pop blowing candles

Pop blowing out the candles for his 70th birthday in 1977.

Stephen and Carolyn were married in March, 1977 and Pop came to Greeley for the reception.  We had enough of the cute wedding cupcakes left to create a celebratory “70” in honor of his birthday.  This was a couple of weeks early, but we partied just the same!

Poppie-75th Birthday

75 years old  – Florida, 1982

In 1982, my mom and her sister, Aunt Judy, took a trip to Florida to visit Pop who wintered there for several years.  A cake in the clubhouse was in order, and it looks like those 75 candles could have burned the cake!  (Note Aunt Judy’s comments about that trip in the comments below.)

Happy Birthday, Pop!


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One thought on “Never too old for birthday cake

  1. Judith Burgess on said:

    Hi Lynn, I signed up to receive emails from your blog so I get all your posts. I do love it! Your Mother and I went to Florida for Pop’s 75th birthday. We had quite a week with swimming in the ocean. Well not really swimming. I was so scared that when “something” brushed my leg I actually crawled right up Pop’s side hanging on for dear life. He laughed so hard I was afraid we’d both drown. We had a lot of fun and Aunt Nonie and Uncle Ted were there also. Somewhere I have pictures of that week. Will try to find them. Love Aunt Judy >

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