Bridging Generations

Ancestors and descendents of Joyce Verla Pratt and Mark Richard Berrett

“Dies After Mishap”


Neighborhood where Ezra lived at the time of his death
(photo 2016)

Mishap seems like a rather casual word to describe the accident that took Ezra Roberts’ life, but the headline of The Flint Journal described it that way.


One man was injured fatally and five other person were hurt, two seriously, in traffic accidents here Sunday [August 17, 1930].

Ezra Roberts, 68 years old, 2014 Ferris St, who suffered a fractured skull, body bruises, and shock when he was knocked down at Saginaw and Fifteenth Sts. by a automobile driven by Oscar Balser, 612, East St., died early this afternoon [August 20, 1930] in Hurley Hospital.

Mrs. J.C. Dowding, 118 W. Newell St. told Traffic Investigators Herbert W. Straley and William N. Monroe that she was driving south on Saginaw St. and saw Roberts step off the curb and start crossing the road without looking in her direction.  She slowed down to let him pass, Balser’s car passing her and hitting him, she said.

Balser declared he was driving about 10 mile an hour and than when he saw Mrs. Dowding slow down, he thought she intended to park and started to go by her.  He noticed Roberts, but saw him pause, so he continued to go ahead, the pedestrian walking into the path of his car he said.

Grandpa Ezra is buried in the Imlay Cemetery, Imlay City, Lapeer County, Michigan.


And as a side note, I couldn’t resist doing a little research on Oscar Balser. At the time of this accident he was a 21 year old single man who had immigrated from Canada in 1927.  He married in 1932 and had two children.  He seems to have lived his whole adult life in Flint, Michigan dying there in 1991 at the age of 83.
It’s interesting to think about the strangers who have an impact on our lives.

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