Bridging Generations

Ancestors and descendents of Joyce Verla Pratt and Mark Richard Berrett

Our First Valentine’s Day

valentine back

A man of few words!

On our first Valentine’s Day together, before we were even engaged, Don started a tradition that he has continued throughout our marriage.  He often presents me with some sort of creative card, carefully thought out and tailored just for me.

The first year after we’d only been dating a few months, he bought a card that looked like this:

valentine front

Oh, no!

But because it would never have been proper to give an innocent BYU coed a card featuring naked people, he “dressed it up” like this:

valentine clothes

That’s better

And then finished the customization with the picket fence with our initials carefully carved in the heart shaped handle.

valentine fence

Valentine’s Day, 1973

And he still warms my heart!


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One thought on “Our First Valentine’s Day

  1. Carolyn B Sanders on said:

    I love the layers of this Valentine!! Don, your creative side impresses me!!

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