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Put me on the stage

Dad JH ID card

Junior High Identification Card 1941-42

The last couple of weeks I’ve been transcribing my dad’s mission journal.  Today I realized that I had the remnants of Dad’s high school scrapbook.  75 years old, filled with yellowed newspaper clippings and deteriorating photos the scrapbook gives a look at Dad before he became our father, grandfather and great grandfather.

I think I was most surprised to find out that Dad had been in the Junior High play “Keep Smiling.”  On stage?  Acting?  Costumes?  I would never have believed it if I hadn’t found this proof.

Dad - newspaper about jr high play (1)

That’s a very young Mark Berrett in the center of the back row.

Dad in junior high cast

Mark (the tall one in the back row) and fellow cast members in front of the stage in the school auditorium

Who knew Dad had a secret life as an actor!
I wonder what else we’re going to learn about him?

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